WAY honored to perform for the Order of the Indian Wars symposium!

I had the (scary) pleasure of doing a BBE yesterday morning for an organization called the “Order of Indian Wars” (http://www.indianwars.com/) at their annual Denver symposium. This the second one I’ve attended, but first that I performed at… 

I’ve gotta say… what a GREAT time it was, rubbing elbows with so many other fellow students of that era of American history with authors like John Monnett, Jerome Greene, Paul Hedren and Douglas Hocking on hand, discussing their latest findings, and their newest books, covering topics like the Indian accounts of the Fort Fetterman fight, White Bull, Cochise, Tom Jeffords, the Battle at Rosebud prior to the Little Big Horn, and so much more. 

I wholeheartedly encourage all you other history buffs that would like to be part of a fun group that’s immersed in the serious study of the Indian Wars from ALL perspectives, to check out their FB page; https://www.facebook.com/groups/463685763665830/ and be the recipient of the tons of expertise that’s shared daily on their page.